Convert VHS and other video tapes to DVDs!Are you afraid the VCR is going to eat your wedding tape? Is your 8mm camcorder broken and you no longer can view your child’s first steps? Do you even own a VCR anymore? Did you know that VHS tape has a shelf life of only 10-15 years? At our facility, we can transfer all your precious VHS home videos to a DVD.

Videotapes were once thought of as the very best way to save the family memories. By moving your video tapes to DVD, you are converting them to a digital format, eliminating the deterioration process that tape goes through. Every time you play your video it’s being run across several wheels and heads. All this friction deteriorates the video each and every time! A DVD will look the same on the thousandth play as it does on the first because the only thing touching the DVD is light. So nothing changes in the viewing quality. And speculation is that a DVD could possibly last 100 years!

Once your video is transferred to a DVD, we can make inexpensive DVD copies for family members. It’s quick and easy and the DVDs also make great gifts!

It’s just a matter of time. It WILL happen. One day you’ll pop your VHS tape into your ancient player and all you’ll see is snow. Don’t let it happen to you! Preserve you’re precious family history to DVD now!

NOTE: The DVD will not improve the quality of the VHS recording. The video on the DVD will be an exact copy 1:1 of what is on the video tape without any chapters or menus.

Convert LP Vinyl Records to CDs!

Do you still have Vinyl Records you cherish? The sound they play is exceptional, but how long do you expect them to last. You can convert your vinyl records to CDs as well, not only for a replacement but for a backup of the record.



Convert Audio Cassette Tapes to CDs!

If you still have old audio cassette tapes you just can’t get rid of, we can convert those into a more reliable format, a CD. Music recordings, voice recordings, voice notes, etc, can all be converted to CDs and will last much longer than cassette tapes.


Digitize old Photos!

Everyone has old photographs not yet digitized. We all value and cherish flipping through old photographs of our family members and reminiscing of old times. What would happen if they were lost during a flood, fire, or natural disaster? If a picture says a thousand words, that’s a lot of lost words! Preserve your precious photo memories by having All Pro Solutions digitize them for you! We’ll do the hard tedious job nobody else wants to do. You’ll still have them to flip through with the added peace-of-mind that they are all backed up digitally.